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“I love the ability I have to invoke emotions every time I DJ anywhere”


A 2011 Stylus Nominee and two time Black Canadian Award DJ of the year nominee, Sean ‘Smartiez’ Crooks is in a class of his own. His humble beginnings on homemade turntables grounded him to strive for more and become the sensation he is today. Not satisfied as being labeled a “Club DJ”, Smartiez invested in his craft, researching modern genres for a fresh & new mixtape. He started a brand of entertainment, which he entitles “Trap N Trill”. This mixtape series features songs with elements of hip-hop, crunk, house, and dub. With its growing success, Smartiez continued the trend and created The Wanderlist. With over 2500 plays each, this five part series has easily become a staple moment in his career. These and many of his other mixes can be found on his website: or on his iTunes.

DJ Smartiez is also featured on one of Toronto’s very own urban radio stations. He produces his own FM radio show, entitled “The Essentials” on VIBE105FM. The nightly segment showcases a wide variety of new and forgotten music- as well as many ‘essential’ talented artists in the city. The LATELUNCHMIX, a VIBE105FM original, is another freestyle type environment where his talents are displayed, every Friday from 1-2PM.

DJ’ing for some of the biggest artists in the industry, Smartiez has really made a name for himself. He has had the pleasure of playing [at parties] for the likes of The Weeknd, Kanye West, Rihanna and even the man of Toronto himself, Drake.
Taking an active part in the community as well, Smartiez has had his fair share of spotlight in the public eye. Being the official DJ for Just BGraphic’s UNPLUGGED festival two years in a row and opening for Big Sean at YorkU’s Yorkfest are looked at as two of his biggest accomplishments. On a more local note, he continues to headline for thousands of students during Frosh Week events at some of the largest universities in Ontario. Smartiez has also been 4 times selected for one of Toronto’s largest creative broadcasts, 24DJ’s, an event where the top 24 DJ’s from across Canada are selected and left to battle it out. Smartiez has proven through his music that there isn’t a limit he isn’t willing to push- may the best DJ win.

So, be on the lookout for DJ Smartiez & his upcoming brands.


“I live off of the emotions of the crowd. I sit back, read the crowd and give a performance they can walk away talking about”